Profile: SYM / SF / E/G / ST

Frame: sfera

Covers: Decorative foil / Embossed Decorative Foil / Alkor / Veneer / Paint

  • Standard opening- left/right
  • Fireproof door
  • Smoke-resistant door
  • Sound insulated door

The interior doors made of MDF, Elegance series are made with decorative MDF strips, which can be made and positioned on the wing in various options and forms. The door can be made with all options for wing and frame, with all types of coatings. All door models of the series can be made either with MDF frame or with Block board frame with a thickness of 40 mm, with the exception of decorative foil coating. Upon request by the customer we offer the implementation of concealed hinges for non-rebate doors and magnetic lock that allows closing the door without using the handle, with just one nudge. The door of the Elegance series is stylish and gives a classic finish to your home or office.