The interior doors made of MDF, Royal series are coated with paint, with protruding decorative MDF strips and three-step milling, which can be made and positioned on the wing in various options and forms. Milling is performed quickly and efficiently using modern technologies, which makes it possible to transform the dull and flat panels and to obtain spectacular and beautiful doors. This is one of the most popular options as it provides strength, stability, durability and reliability. The wing can be made with glazing and the sills repeat the decorative strips of the wing. All door models of the series can be made with Block board frame with a thickness of 40 mm. Upon request by the customer we offer the implementation of concealed hinges for non-rebate doors and magnetic lock that allows closing the door without using the handle, with just one nudge. The Royal series is a series of high-end doors – classic look, quality and durability. 

  • Sliding door
  • Standard opening- left/right
  • Sound insulated door