The interior doors made of MDF, Portal series are made with all types of coatings. The portal door can be implemented with all options for frame, and the wing can be with a straight rebate over the sill or without rebate on par with the sill. The wings can be identical, or one can be solid and the other – glazed. You can also choose a model with two wings, one of which can be wider than the other. As regarding the installation, one of the wings can be fixed, as it can be opened in case of need of more space. If you are still in the process of designing your home, you can choose similar door for your living room. This will provide more light and space for carrying furniture and appliances. 

  • Standard opening- left/right
  • Fireproof door
  • Smoke-resistant door
  • Sound insulated door





Decorative foil / Embossed Decorative Foil / Alkor / CPL / HPL / Veneer / Paint