Series S 9000

Series S 9000

The windows made of profile GEALAN S9000 with installation depth of the profile - 83 mm and the 6 cameras ensure excellent thermal insulation to your window. Optionally, it may use an average of deflectable gasket, which greatly enhances the thermal and acoustic insulation of the window. The thickness profile of, provides for the use of triple glazing up to 54 mm thick.With its thermal transmittance U = 0.92 W/m2K, the system GEALAN S 9000 is well suited for use in passive houses.


Optimized for use with STV ®, the dry bonding glass.

Optionally can be used medium or deflectable gasket.

Very good thermal and acoustic insulation through geometry with 6 chambers and through greater structural depth of the frame and sash.

Suitable for use with triple glazing with thickness up to 54 mm.

Small thickness as view and a slope of 15 ° for a nice design and a durable optical result

Intelligent design seals with three rows of compacting.

For both systems, the technique is applicable STV (bonding glass for sash ), which significantly increases the static element, which in turn makes it possible to implement a much larger size of the windows . Another advantage of the technique STV increased security against burglary.