System Schüco AWS 65

Schüco AWS 65Basic system for windows with construction depth of 65 mm. It has a huge assortment of conceptual design.• Improved thermal insulation in construction depth of 65 mm: Uf value of 2,2 W/m2K (apparent width 117 mm)• Same level with the frame or openable outside sash• Wide range of options• Possibility to combine with door program Schüco ADS.
Schüco ADS 65Thermally insulated door system with 65 mm construction depth. Economical solution suitable for entrances due to very good thermal insulation. It can be used as multifunctional door and connected to the protection and building automation. The system allows execution of doors for increased operation - Heavy Duty (HD), successfully tested to 1,000,000 cycles of opening and closing.
advantages:• Uf value of 2,31 W/m2K•147 mm visible width• Roller lock, step less adjustment spatial• Rosettes which sits flush the profile• Protection from entry burglary to WK2 (ADS 70 HD up to WK3)
Options• Implementation of doors with different optics: Residential Line (RL), SoftLine (SL), Heavy Duty (HD)• Automatic threshold seal• Barrier-free solutions• Hidden hinges• External overlapping filling Door• panic hardware• Insurance for panic doors• Access Control• remote control• Integration in the management of the building